Gmail Now Alerts Users of Suspicious Account Activity

Google, the largest and most popular search engine has started focusing to improve the security of their innovative product, gmail. So, in this context, gmail team has rolled out security alerts. These latest security features will enhance you gmail account security with vision of keeping your personal email account safe from spammers and hackers.

Here is how this feature will work, as soon as any kind of suspicious activity monitored in your account, a bright red colored bar will appear under the search bar. If you wnat to know more about this warning, you have an option to click the link.

The detailed information is basically a log activity on your account. The alarming alert situation occurs only if your account was being loggedin far from your previous login session during the last few hours. The system detects your geo location on the basis of your login IP.

If such alarming situation occurs in your account,  change your password immediately.

More details can found at gmail blog

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