Users can Update Their Facebook Status Through Yahoo Mail.

A great news for Yahoo Users. Now they can update their Facebook status via Yahoo Mail. As you all know that Yahoo is making special arrangements to fulfill the requirements of  their social media. That’s why they  have made an agreement with Facebook to provide their users a lot more facilities.

Last month, Yahoo started with its first Yahoo Mail/Facebook integration i.e importing Facebook friends’ e-mail addresses into their Yahoo contacts. Yesterday they added two new features to  make Yahoo Mail a lot more socially effective.

The first feature they added  is very simple but effective that is  “the ability to update your Facebook status via Yahoo Mail”. When Once you log in with your Facebook account, you can simply choose to share your status updates via Facebook, in addition to your Yahoo network. It’s a simple  status update box that appears in your inbox. The second feature they added  is also very cool that is “whenever someone emails you that will  also become  your Facebook friend” and their profile picture will appear in the email.

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